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"Friend Credit"

August 3, 2018

I am that friend that gives when I have and will find a way when I don’t. I would give the clothes off my back so my sister-friends can shine. But when I don’t have...LORDT I’m so blessed to have the right gals in my life that don't mind me using my “friend credit”. Now I’m known to be savvy when it comes to creating phrases, but I wasn’t 100% sure I actually made this one up, so I googled it...annnnd NADA!  (two snaps). The only thing I found was 'refer a friend' at the credit union.


 Purchased with "Friend Credit" 

 www.MissLola.com "Business or Pleasure"



I’ve always offered and received "friend credit" but never gave it a name until one PETTY night; I set a friend up on a purchase and after she checked me I responded, “What, is this not covered under my 'friend credit'?!” and Voila! the phrase was born.  So the definition of "friend credit" is pretty much as it sounds, for example; Your friend may not have the funds in their budget one night so they eat on your tab (without a grudge...hence the word "friend"). Not a big deal or anything new, just real friends looking out as we should. 



                      Legit #Shoegasm


I have one addiction in life and that is SHOES. My thoughtful gals know that I have this addiction and have supported my habit throughout the years and I love them for that! Now let’s get this clear, I’m not condoning being a leech. This credit is for emergencies and every ONCE in a while circumstances, ok?! Good, now that we all have a good understanding let’s all call our besties and sister-friends and ask how much our “Friend Credit” is worth! Tell them #MilliSentYou 😉








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