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Wedding Date Night

July 30, 2018

This past Saturday my husband and I had the pleasure of witnessing nuptials of our dear family friends. The wedding was beautiful and filled with laughter just the way we like it! We couldn't help but notice the feeling of deja vu as this beautiful young couple strolled across the floor during their 1st dance as husband and wife. I was 22 when I said "I do" and Ray was 24 (ikr!). 



As we reminisced to our 1st dance 12.5 years ago, Prince's "Adore" blazing in the background, we couldn't help but laugh at our adorably sweet oblivion of the road we had ahead of us. There's too much to get into about "After I Do" but I will definitely be brewing that pot of tea soon. However, I will say that GOD saves the best for the fighters that survive.


Meet the Greggs! They are so precious to us, I pray the blessing of the Lord over their union. I pray that GOD is and always will be in the center. The glue to a happy marriage is love, forgiveness and grace and I pray they remember to receive from the SOURCE daily. GOD yearns to be our everything and we sometimes forget that our spouse does not have those Godly abilities. May they never put more expectation on each other than can be granted and may they remember that GOD is the only one that can do it all. 


                                                                       With Love, 

                                                                       Milli Brown





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Wedding Date Night

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