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The Roots

I am a wife, mom, creative flower and new blogger. I created this blog to welcome you into my real life behind the photos (BTP). I often love to post about my work, lifestyle, and family on social media. While viewing comments I started to notice my followers posting the popular hashtag #goals under my photos. Naturally, my first emotion was gratitude that these awesome people would even consider moments of my life as #goals but then I started to feel a bit fraudulent. You see, I have a spouse that LOATHES posing for pictures and 3 strong-willed children. I thought to myself " my followers would NEVER consider us #goals if they knew the number of threats I had to spew out just to get this mediocre shot!". In addition, my skill level for selfie angles and edits had increased (owwww!) but with that also followed comments such as, "your skin is #goals!". Yall, my IG skin.... is also my own personal goals because those photos were edited and slain as they were meant to but I have pores and acne breakouts in "REAL LIFE".

Social media users today have adopted the dangerous behavior of idolizing our favorite personalities and labeling their lives as #goals. As it is perfectly okay to have those who inspire and motivate us we have to be careful not to despise our personal stages of life by comparing them to a social media post.

Before social media, the majority only idolized celebrities (actors, singers, etc.) In those simpler times; we were only granted a narrow glimpse of their everyday lives through event photos, the infamous Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, MTV Cribs, and etc. (I am terribly dating myself!) The scary truth is that today, your very neighbor could be considered the "celebrity" simply by their beautifully edited content on their day to day post. This scary reality has created a bigger monster of envy, jealousy, and self-hate in this generation.

We are all guilty of posting a "perfect" photo captioned something similar to "Living our best life". But how many of us will be honest enough to admit that behind the post one time or another we've cried our eyes out at least once or twice because of a circumstance we had to face when we logged off? As we have learned from our beloved Jay & Bey; ISH goes down "Behind the Post" or "In the Elevator" that we wouldn't have known if it wasn't for the leaked footage. The great news is that we are ALL going through the growing pains of life! The greater news is that we are strong enough to overcome, but first, we have to learn to love our own lives more than we idolize others on social media. The REAL life and the BEST life is going on "Behind the Post" flaws, drama & all.

With Love,

Milli Brown

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