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Hi Guys! My name is Milli Brown. I am 35 yo, a wife and mom of 3. I am a creative flower who specializes in marketing, directing and branding.  I am passionate about my daily growth and love to inspire others as a Growth Influencer.

    5 FUN FACTS 

1. I'm an extreme Introvert. However social media allows me to push through my comfort zone one post at a time.

2. I love GOD and I believe that Jesus is my Lord & Savior.

3. I can be a bit unfiltered so I constantly ask my husband to keep me in line on what I share! (You'll see!) 

4. I was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. (I am extremely protective over my City so don't do it, k?!)

5. I met my husband at the age of 15. I married him at the age of 22 (12.5yrs ago). He keeps all my secrets and I keep him covered in prayer and YES we are gracefully in LOVE today! 

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